Why Juul When You Can Breathe B12?

As a young post-grad millennial living in Los Angeles, I'm surrounded by the new and quickly encompassing "vape" trend. But as a nutrition junkie, I'm lucky to avoid the peer pressure of joining the rest of my peers leaning on vaporizers during this renowned period of existential crisis. Until...

...I discovered vitamin vaporizers, or diffusers. You might think, "WTF?" And trust me, I was totally with you, so I did some research.

In general, vitamin diffusers work by using an electric heating component to aerosolize the liquid form of the vitamin (which ranges depending on the vitamin), and then the user inhales the vapor through a mouthpiece. While there's been a lot of controversy over the safety of vaporizers, most can agree that inhaling vitamin vapor is much safer than inhaling smoke, which is why some vitamin vaporizers prefer to be called diffusers to release the negative stigma attached to vaporizers. That being said, it's important to make sure you are inhaling a clean and pure vapor produced by a trustworthy company. Another common issue that arises with vitamin diffusers is a vitamins' ability to change its compound structure when exposed to heat. However some vitamins, like B12, are not sensitive to heat and are safe and sometimes more easily absorbed when exposed to higher temperature.

After climbing out of the black hole of research that the Internet is, I landed on Breathe B12— the first pure and highly absorbable vitamin B12 diffuser. I decided to try it out for a number of reasons:

  • Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that many vegetarians and vegans lack due to the nutrient depletion in our soil, and a deficiency can lead to weakness, neurological disorders and metabolic dysfunction.

  • Breathe B12 is vegan & cruelty free + it is free from nicotine, Propylene Glycol (a highly processed chemical toxin), and diacetyl (an artificial flavor linked to lung disease) .

  • The company has gathered studies from the past 50 years that show their process of inhaling B12 is more effective than digesting B12 in pill form.

  • There is no harm in exceeding the recommended daily amount of B12 (A.K.A you can't overdose)

  • Their packaging is recyclable. Had to throw this in here, of course ;)

Unfortunately, being the skeptic I am, I went into trying Breathe B12 "knowing" it would be a placebo effect, so I did everything in my willpower to counteract it. I would take a few inhales and then try to take a nap or even just relax with a book, but I found that after using Breathe B12 I was more inclined to get up and walk around, cross that thing off my to-do list or call a friend. By no means was I ready to run a marathon, but I could definitely take on a jog and just felt more inclined to get stuff done.

The convenience of having a vitamin at hand that is easy on the digestive system is great, but there's also something much, much bigger here. "Vaping" is a major trend with young individuals now. I see the trend throughout my friend group, through my younger sibling's friend group and through my audience on social media. Unfortunately, the trend leans toward nicotine vaporizers and things like the Juul, but this is where Breathe B12 can make its mark. It is an alternative, and it's a great one. It can still allow young people to feel like they're with the trend, but they're not doing harm to their bodies.

I went out for the first time in a long time last weekend and thought, "no better time to test the theory than now!" So off I went in my (vegan) leather jacket, pointed toe boots and Breathe B12 in hand. I got the looks of course, "oh is that nutrition junkie vaping?" But the best part was that not one person tried to offer me their Juul or their vape, because I had my Breathe B12 in hand. And when they did ask, I laughed and confidently told them, "no it's not a Juul, it's a vitamin diffuser you nut." The best part? Every. single. person. was. intrigued. "Where can I get one?" "That's so cool!" I'm not exaggerating one bit. This is exactly how the night went down.

So in sum, the takeaway here is: always have an open mind, never feel inclined to peer pressure, and try something new (it's good for your soul).



and use "ISA" to get 25% off your Breathe B12 :)

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