"Where've you been?"

Oy vey. It's been a while. It's crazy to think my last blog post was in December of 2019... right before everything started. You know, everything.

The intention of this blog when it first started in 2017 was to share my favorite plant-based recipes and nutrition tips to inspire others to live well. As the years went on, the blog felt more like a task. It didn't have to be, of course. I admit it was an entirely self-inflicted "task". It didn't help that the blog became my primary source of income, and I felt if I didn't continuously write, I might not be able to pay rent the next month. But hey, that sounds dramatic! It truly wasn't, it was just my reality and I accepted it as so.

Like many others, the past year brought about loads of change in my life. Truthfully, the massive changes began the year before the pandemic for me, which likely explains my long blog hiatus and the ever-changing dynamic of content on the IsaTales Instagram. I spent the majority of 2019 healing from both my parents ending relationships with their second marriages, in addition to healing from the end of my own long-term relationship. I moved from Los Angeles back to San Diego to be with family, then back to Los Angeles to find my true self again.

During this time, the focus on my blog and my Instagram took a back seat as I tried to relearn who I was coming out of a long-term relationship, and opening up to the world on social media felt difficult as I couldn't even process my own emotions at the time. I spent the majority of this year exploring, learning, and building my latest venture: The Social Tale.

I've always had a passion for writing (surprise!) and content creation (surprise, again!). Creating The Social Tale let these passions coincide, without abandoning my love for wellbeing, nutrition, and the planet.

The Social Tale began as me freelancing as a social media manager and content creator for brands that I loved. I acted in-house for a variety of brands. But as you can imagine, acting in-house for more than one brand ends up the same as having essentially four full-time jobs. It's a lot. By the grace of God (and determination, hard work, blood, sweat, and tears) we've grown to a team of five since then. I know get to work with the most badass, talented, and hard-working women to help conscious brands get more awareness in a saturated market. All I can think as I'm writing this... is that I'm just so eternally grateful.

Should you have made it this far, thank you for sticking along with me on this journey. Keep in touch and say hello on my personal Instagram, @isatales, or my passion project turned biz, @thesocialtale (I'm here more).

x Isa


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