Plant-Based Nice, Paris & Amalfi Coast Diaries

Hi guys! I’m back. Yes, back from Italy. But also back from my 4 month hiatus from the IsaTales blog.

My break from my blog was nothing like my break to Italy. It was unintentional. It purely stemmed from my lack of knowing how much work I would have in the coming months and not being able to juggle it all. Alright, now that I think about it, this is starting to sound a lot like my trip to Italy.

I booked my Italian coast (and south of France + Paris for a few days) adventures on a whim. Two weeks notice. Quite literally.

I had a crazy calling to go to the Amalfi coast for about two months prior, and one day, the stars aligned. I checked flights and just booked it.


Two weeks later, I was on my way to Paris for a night to say hello to some friends. I had an average dinner at one of Paris’s supposed “best vegan dinner spots.” I personally thought the menu was limited and the food was mediocre, but to be fair, I was pretty cranky from the above 100 degree heat and jet lag. IT. WAS. SO. HOT. It was actually pretty unbearable.

42 Degrees, Paris.

Prior to getting dinner at 42 Degrees, we stopped at Pink Mama restaurant/bar to explore the interior decorating. If you’re ever in Paris, even for one night like I was, go here. Hands down. The design is breathtaking and the drinks look incredible.

Pink Mama, Paris.

Pink Mama, Paris.

After a great bar exploration, mediocre dinner and late night stroll to the Eiffel Tower, I headed to bed as I had an early morning flight to catch.

Prior to my flight to Positano, I stopped at Ground for breakfast. If you’re looking for an authentic breakfast spot with plenty of vegan & gluten-free options, hit this place. It’s a really cute little cafe with exposed stone along the inside wall. Delicious chia pudding, pancakes, avocado toast and more. PLUS, there’s a farmer’s market that happens on Friday morning (possibly every morning, but can’t confirm) with loads of fresh seasonal fruit and veggies nearby.

Ground, Paris.

Ground, Paris.


After a delicious brekkie, I flew out of Paris and into Naples airport. I took a private car to my hotel in Positano. There are surprisingly SO many plant-based options in Positano, not to mention a plethora of fresh wine and beautiful views.

My favorite plant based spots were Casa e Bottega (breakfast/brunch) & Collina Bakery (lunch/dinner).

Casa e Bottega, Positano.

Casa e Bottega, Positano.

Collina Bakery, Positano.

In terms of activity, you’ll do lots of walking so you will definitely stay fit. You can also do water activities like paddle boarding, jet skiing, kayaking, etc. If you go in July like I did, you’ll hit jelly fish season. Just a forewarning.

I only spent two nights in Positano, then migrated on to the town of Amalfi. I wouldn’t recommend this to be honest. There’s not much to do here (that I found) and not many great places to eat, so I practically lived off the fruit stands.

To avoid another full day in Amalfi, I decided to take a bus up to Ravello.

Villa Cimbrone, Ravello.

If you make it to the town of Amalfi, 100% take a bus to Ravello for the day. If you have time, stay there! It is truly a hidden gem near the Amalfi Coast. There’s so much to explore and quite a lot of activities for locals and tourists. When I was there, they had a wedding and a live orchestra in the works. Check out Villa Cimbrone in Ravello. It is a beautiful historic building dating from at least 11th Century AD.

Villa Maria, Ravello.

Gluten-free bread at Villa Maria.

After strolling around the gardens and grounds of Cimbrone, I dined at one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve ever experienced: Villa Maria. Comprising of entirely local and organic produce, the restaurant sits on a cliff edge with insanely scenic views. Not to mention the food was AMAZING as well. So many delicious flavors, including gluten-free bread and an array of veggie & vegan options.

Villa Maria, Ravello.


My adventures along the Amalfi Coast were short but sweet. After Ravello, I made my way back to the south of France where I spent a few days adventuring through local beach towns and natural food markets. Here are some of my favorite highlights:

1. The Healer in Nice. Super super expensive but delicious smoothies & toasts.

The Healer, Nice.

2. Zara Home in Nice. I wanted to buy the entire store. Enough said.

3. Home cooked plant-based smorgasbord with a friend at my Nice AirBnb. All local goodies picked up from Naturalia market place.

Home-cooked meal from plant-based finds at Naturalia market, Nice.

4. The most delicious chia pudding I’ve ever had at Paper Plane in Nice. It had unique house-made jam and crystalized ginger. UNREAL. They are also very eco-conscious. Using little waste materials and recycled products where possible.

Paper Plane, Nice.

5. Lavender fields blooming in Valensole. The drive was from Nice to Valensole was probably the highlight. Stopping to swim at a nearby town called Bauden will be a memory I cherish forever. I’ve never seen more crystal clear water.

Swimming hole near Bauden, France.

Lavender fields in Valensole, France.

Lavender fields, Valensole.

This trip was truly one I will never forget. There are not many places in the world that I would visit twice, but Positano and Paris will make it on that list.


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