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Updated: May 28, 2018

As I write this, I’m currently sitting outside the Indonesian embassy in Singapore. I guess a good trip doesn’t reach its full potential without unexpected situations, right?

Singapore is breathtaking, to say the least. I’ve traveled to over 25 countries in my lifetime and Singapore does not compare to any of them. You arrive in to the airport, and within 15 minutes you’re engulfed by 30th century looking skyscrapers surrounded by a 18th century looking jungle.

Although Singapore has a fantastic transportation system, the government encourages everyone to “waste less” and carpool, walk or take the city public bikes located nearly at every block. I’ve walked over 12 miles since I’ve been here the past two days and I’ve yet to see one overweight local.

That being said, I should mention that it took some digging to find a good healthy vegan spot. But when I found one, booOoOooy was I stoked.

Kitchen by Food Rebel gave me faith to keep going. Dramatic, but not joking. I was starting to think I’d be on an all fruit diet for the next few days, which really isn’t that bad of a deal because the local fruit is DELICIOUS, but I’d definitely be lacking some nutrients come day 3.

I also have a major soft spot for healthy places that don’t just dish out the healthy food, but also inform customers on what the ingredients do for our bodies.

Ok, so, back to the part where I’m stuck in Singapore. My saint of a boyfriend, Erik, didn’t realize he needed to apply for a visa prior to entering Bali with his temporary passport. While the rest of us with normal passports are eligible for visas on arrival, he is not. I can’t imagine being stuck in a foreign country alone, especially one like Singapore where there’s not much sight seeing or soul searching to be done. It’s kind of just an Asian New York. So of course, I stayed behind with him.

me trying to make light of a very unsetting situation. likely a coping method but i'm not mad about it.

Due to the series of unfortunate events, we felt a bit anxious and bummed. We figured we had to make the most of the scenario and book a flight elsewhere.

But of course, not without stopping to get some healthy authentic Singaporean food. I luckily found this place called “Real Food” which immediately I was like ok interesting, sounds like a garbage “healthy food” chain. Then I looked at the menu, ingredients and sustainability efforts of the restaurant and was sold.

In addition to an eight page menu of gluten-free, plant-based, refined sugar-free “real food” versions of authentic Singaporean cuisine, the restaurant also sold a plethora of healthy snacks and grocery necessities. They also had a make-your-own natural soap bar, which I thought was very cool!

So after a big refuel (we also ordered GF pancakes and vegan chocolate pumpkin cake on top of everything else you saw in the photo #embarrassing), we finally headed back to the hotel to book our backup plan. Thailand it is!

36 hours later, we’re now on our way to Phuket, the south west peninsula of Thailand. No idea what we’re going to do or how we’re getting around, but we’ll figure it out. All I know is there’s one raw vegan cafe on the peninsula, and I plan to hit it as soon as we get there. Like always, I’ll report back :)

x Isa

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