New Years Resolutions vs. Manifesting All Day, Every Day.

It's clockwork. Every year when January 1st rolls around, everyone on social media blasts you with their New Years Resolutions, or lack thereof. I honestly didn't feel compelled to write about New Years Resolutions, until I had an epiphany today. Why wouldn't I take 10 minutes to explain my opinion of finding a happy ground?

That's just it. A happy ground. There is no need to hate New Years Resolutions and there's also absolutely no need to wait for a new year to make resolutions. My opinion is just this, point blank: if the New Year is an easy time for you to have a fresh slate, then go for it! If New Years Resolutions always backfire and you end up as a stressful basket case with no friends and a hateful relationship with yourself, then F the system!

I personally get excited about the New Year. Do I set resolutions? Absolutely freaking not. Why? Because they don't work for me and I end up as a stressful basket case with no friends and a hateful relationship with myself. Do I set intentions and goals for the year? Heck freaking yes.

I see each New Year as a chance to turn over the page. It's not a chance to change things about myself, but it's a chance to change my schedule and carve out time for things I want to improve on. For example, I want to be a bad ass at making money and understanding finances. So instead of making a resolution of making X amount more money by X date, I say... I'm going to spend more time this year on watching YouTube videos about personal finance, reading finance books, and reaching out to mentors that can possibly help guide me in the right direction.

I didn't wait until midnight on Dec. 31st to make this change. This was actually something I started manifesting and acting on in September, and let me tell you: I doubled my income by December. I didn't make a crazy goal or set harsh expectations on myself, I just made an intention and incorporated this growth in my life as much as I possibly could. I thought about it, I opened myself up to it, I acted on it, and it came.

So if you're anything like me, then I encourage you to take the following steps to improve your life this next year (in whatever aspect you please) in place of making New Years Resolutions:

Take 20 Freaking Minutes to Think: Sit down alone for 20 minutes and think about your life. Think about what you've accomplished and how far you've come in the past 6 months. Now pat yourself on the back. Next, think about where you want to be in 6 months. What does your life look like? Reaaaaallly think about it. Envision it. See it. Feel it. Smell it. Seriously, try and think about what it might smell like.

Vision Board It: Get crafty and make a vision board. Either make a photo album with screenshots of your perfect life in your Photos app on your phone, or make a folder on your computer, or make a Pinterest board, a WeHeartIt board, whatever suits you. Just don't print a bunch of paper and glue it to a board because that's wasteful and in 2019 we're all going to try to be less wasteful better humans and save the whales :)

Open Your Mind: Open your mind and heart to the possibility of improvement and self growth. Start walking like you would if you were living your life 6 months from now. Try to feel that feeling every day.

Take Action: Start taking baby steps to get you there. If you're down to take big leaps, go for it! But you really only need to take baby steps every day. If you want to be a freelancer, make a portfolio one week. The next week, sign up for a freelancing website. The following week, peruse job postings and get a feeling for what you want to do and what you don't want to do.

Acknowledge How Far You've Come: Change, more often than not, happens subtly. You have to take time to recognize how far you've come. Don't analyze too early otherwise you'll get stressed and wonder why nothing has changed. Make an appointment in your calendar every 4 or 6 months to notice how far you've come in the past 4-6 months. The universe likes to be acknowledged for the energies it moves to make things happen for us :)




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