Coconut Protein Snowballs (V/GF)

Updated: May 4, 2018

Apparently, coconut snowballs are a thing. What do you mean "a thing," isa? What I mean is that I made these coconut protein snowballs and everyone was all, "omg you made coconut snowballs?!" and I was like, "HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS" because apparently I thought my family invented coconut snowballs. Turns out that's a no.

One day after school circa 2011, I came home to my little sister, Belle A.K.A Belly, and step mom, Nina A.K.A. Ninny, making coconut snowballs. I thought they were god's gift from heaven. Perfectly sweet and chewy; just enough fat to hit that satiety button. They truly filled my soul.

Fast forward 7 years, and I forgot my beloved family coconut snowball recipe. I googled a bunch of recipes, looked through notebooks, searched through old text messages and nada. No clues.

So here I am now with a new rendition, but of course I will still attribute credit to Ninny- queen of Coconut Snowballs and Chocolate Butterscotch Cookies (this recipe will have to come soon).

Ninny and Belly's Coconut Snowballs [+ protein]

· 3 large medjool dates

· ½ cup coconut shreds

· 1 scoop of vanilla protein

· 1 tbsp raw shelled hemp seeds

· 1 tsp vanilla extract

· 2 tbsp unsweetened coconut milk

· ½ cup unrefined coconut oil

Add more coconut milk or dates if the mixture is too dry

1. In a high speed food processor, blend the coconut shreds with unsweetened coconut milk & coconut oil to form coconut butter paste

2. Add medjool dates, blend on medium speed

3. Add vanilla protein, hemp seeds & vanilla extract, blend on low speed

4. Form dough-like paste into balls & roll in left over coconut shreds

5. Refrigerate for 4 hours minimum before enjoying




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